TLC Conference

TLC Conference

Hello there Trichster followers!

It’s been just about a month since Trichster went to the TLC Conference and it’s high time we gave you an update!

To begin, it took the Trichster team months and months of planning to shoot the conference. We had to fly Rebecca in from London, hire extra crew to help, book rooms, rent equipment and cars, coordinate with TLC, decide who to film, how to film, and, most importantly, how to keep tack of over 500 people at a conference when many could not be on camera! Planning was definitely a challenge but in the end we pulled it off.

Rebecca flew into New York on the 5th of April and stayed with Jillian for the majority of the time. It was fun living as “flat mates” but we were all sad to see her fly home at the end of the month.

Sophie and Rebecca attended the conference in its entirety while Valerie and Jessie both came on Saturday for afternoon sessions. We filmed some really beautiful moments and were so happy to be able to attend! We also set up a “confessional booth” while at the conference and spoke to some really amazing people- the material looks awesome.

More important than the actual shooting, it was so nice to feel such an amazing connection to the members of the trich community. Trichster saw some familiar faces they met while shooting at the retreat back in September and met many new people along the way. It is very rare to feel so welcomed among strangers and to feel like family within a matter of minutes. It’s incredible what TLC has been able to accomplish with such little staff. We loved every minute that we spent at the conference and were sad to say goodbye.

We have some very busy months ahead. We still have a handful of shoots left before we dive face-first into the editing process. For now, Jillian has started going through the 170+ hours of footage and organizing everything. This is a giant process and documentary editing can take years! Trichster is also starting to apply for grants. We will need funding for post-production, festival entry, and marketing materials. Film making is very expensive!

Thank you all so much for your continued support. What started out a year and a half ago as a “girl with a camera” has grown into so much more than any of us could ever have anticipated. We can’t wait to fill you in on the next leg of our journey.

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