Behind The Scenes

This film has long been the dream of Director/Editor Jillian Corsie, and with the help of four new friends, it’s become a reality.

The all-women team started in 2012, when Jillian (then an Editor at Fluid) proposed the idea to friend and VH1 Producer, Amanda Giordano. Intrigued with film from the start, Amanda brought on Critical Mention Video Editor, Katie Maul, and Jillian recruited Fluid Producer, Carolyn Maher. Needing some DSLR expertise, Katie asked ‘Seun Babalola, fellow Critical Mention Video Editor and Freelance Extraordinaire, to come on as Director of Photography.

Once the all-star team came together; weekend shoots, after-work production meetings, and networking events filled the calendars of self-proclaimed, “Team Trichster.” The film has become a true passion project for the team, and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of countless volunteers, donors, and industry professionals.