Big Vision Empty Wallet Distribution Lab – What Does it Mean?

Big Vision Empty Wallet Distribution Lab – What Does it Mean?

Last week we posted that Trichster would be participating in Big Vision Empty Wallet’s Distribution Lab 2015. Film distribution can be complicated so we wanted to provide you with a bit more insight into what that means, and more importantly how it will affect you, our loyal community.

Starting today, members of the Trichster creative team, joined by several other talented filmmakers, will take part in a week’s worth of meetings, seminars and roundtable discussions given by various distribution companies like Seed&Spark, VHX and Tugg. We’ll have an opportunity to talk to each of these companies, ask questions, learn how they work and what they offer, and perhaps more importantly, how their platform could work for us. The ultimate goal being, to walk away with a better idea of the distribution options out there and which models would be the best fit for Trichster and its audience.

We’re in a very interesting time in independent filmmaking. Particularly when it comes to distributing these films. There are so many more avenues and opportunities than ever before. Traditional distribution models – film shows at film festivals, film gets bought by studio, studio spends major marketing money and film is released in theaters, film goes to DVD/Netflix/TV – are expensive and traditionally only happen for a small percentage of independent films. Companies like Seed&Spark, Tugg, VHX and Gum Road, are making it easier for smaller independent films like ours to distribute their films directly to their audience through smaller-scale theatrical releases, online streaming and VOD (Video-On-Demand). This allows filmmakers with a more-direct and cost-effective way to get their film out to as many viewers as possible.

Which is why we are so excited to be a part of this lab. Not only are we looking forward to hearing about these various companies, but we’ll also have the equally unique opportunity to share this experience with other filmmakers, and learn about their plans and goals for their films.

Many of you have been asking “When and where can I see Trichster?!”, and while we don’t have a definite answer yet, we are a big step closer to that answer. And that’s really exciting! We’re still applying to festivals and hope to play at a theater near you soon. We want to hear from you! Tell us where you are! We really want to know where our supporters are located so that we can bring Trichster to you. Please fill out this form, and help us decide where to bring Trichster next.