That’s A Wrap!

That’s A Wrap!

Welcome to the very first blog post at We are so excited to be embarking on this crazy adventure and hope that you follow us every step of the way.

Today we wrapped day three of shooting. Itís incredible what we are learning from interviews given by random people on the street. Almost no one has heard of trich, but many were familiar with it once we gave them a definition. Everyone seems pretty shocked to learn that it affects 15 million people in America alone!

Letís change that. Please help us to spread our facebook and twitter pages so we can get the word out about trichotillomania. We can make a difference!

To all you trichsters out there- please send us your photos! We want to feature a different trichster each week in the profile picture of our facebook page to show everyone that there are so many people living with trichotillomania out there. Thereís no need to feel alone or ashamed. We can do this together!

Stay in touch- weíll be blogging regularly. Set pictures and videos to come. For now, please

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