Climbing Steadily!

Climbing Steadily!

Hey everyone! Wow! Thanks so much for your support thus far! Weíre up to almost 100 likes on facebook and 111 followers on twitter, but we know we can do better! Please continue to share us with your friends, family, and anyone else who might be interested in the cause.

This week Jillian is cutting a promo video to share with you. It will help launch the Trichster kickstarter page and hopefully help generate interest in the film. Itís been an uphill battle but weíre getting close! You can expect a finished video by next weekend!

Some of you have already been asking how you can donate. The best way for us to go about raising funds right now will be through our kickstarter page, which will launch at the end of next week. From that page you can simply enter in your credit card number and donate the amount you wish. Thanks for the enthusiasm!

If anyone would like us to feature their website, blog page, or battle with trichotillomania in this section of the website, let us know! We are eager to share stories and communicate that trich is more common than anyone realizes.

Stay tuned for the video, and thanks again!

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