Guest Blog: Sophie

Guest Blog: Sophie

Below is a guest blog from our photographer friend Sophie who is starting to generate buzz in the trich community.

I am entering my senior year at the School of Visual Arts in
Manhattan, majoring in Photography. This summer I began taking sketch
comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Birgade theater in NYC, and in
the Fall of last year I was a Photography Department intern at
Saturday NIght Live. People know me as being very outgoing and funny
so when I decided to document my struggle with Trich, people were so
surprised by how well I hide that part of my life. I think it is
important to not be afraid to come out and tell people that you have a
disorder. Everyone has their own struggle and this is ours.

As a part of my Senior Thesis project, I would like to photograph
people with Trichotillomania or
Dermatillomania in order to raise awareness for the disorders. I
myself, have both disorders, and have been struggling with them for
about 12 years. Unfortunately, I was not diagnosed with the disorders
until 8 years in, so I just thought I was a freak and the only one in
the world who was suffering from this weird habit. Now there is more
information available online, but whenever I search for images of
Trich, they are always really frightening images. I would like to
change the perseption of the way people look at us and our disorder
and I would like to photograph people in a beautiful way, but still
acknowledging the fact that they suffer from Trich or Dermatillomania.
I have already been photographing myself for 3 years, and now it is
time for me to branch out and learn about how others handle the
stressful life of a “trichster.”

I am looking for people who aren’t afraid to tell their story (through
photographs) and want to assist me in spreading awareness for the
disorder. Men, women, and children of all ages are welcome to contact
me! I am located in either the NYC or DC/MD/VA area. I will be
working on this project for at least the next 6 months. Please e-mail
me at if you are interested or have any questions!
You can see some of my self-documentary work at:

Thank you!