TLC Retreat

TLC Retreat

Well we’re back in New York after shooting at the TLC Retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. Valerie and I had a great time, though it was difficult to adjust to sleeping in the woods, in a tent, on a hill after living in New York! We met some incredible people and truly had an amazing experience.

I want to thank everyone at the retreat for opening up to us and inviting us to share their experience. I know it was difficult for some people to get used to having cameras around, but we did our best not to intrude on everyone’s privacy. I’d like to thank a few people that we met at the retreat:

Julia, Hope, Avery and their mothers

And especially Kaija, Shannon, Sera, Cynthia, Kim, Sera, Xochitl, Doug, Samara, Jennifer, Susan, Laurie-Ann, Sara, Megan, and Lauren and her mom for sharing their stories with us. You are all incredibly brave and I feel so privileged to have met you.

I also want to thank Christina for allowing us to take part in the experience and believing in us to tell honest stories.

We look forward to seeing you all at the conference in April!!

Below are some pictures we took while shooting: