We’re almost at the finish line!

We’re almost at the finish line!

Hey everyone! It’s ‘Seun here, director of photography and co-producer, of Trichster. I have some great news for everyone who has been so supportive of this film with your questions, comments, follows, and likes:

We’re finally picture-locked!

For those of you reading that last sentence with a cocked head or raised eyebrow, let me explain what a picture-lock is. A picture-lock is the stage in editing a film where all of the cuts have been done and approved. It’s the stage right before it gets finalized with sound and all of those beautiful graphics you usually see in films. The story we’ve molded is the story we’re ready to tell the world, and it’s so close to being signed, sealed, and delivered to your screens.

We’ve been editing this film since April of last year, and the Trichster team has probably watched 383,729** versions before we agreed that this picture-locked version is the version we’d like you all to see. We’ve had about 400+ hours of footage and managed to get it down to 70 minutes of real, heartfelt narratives that mean a lot to us, and hopefully, to you.

The Trichster team is working very hard to get this film to you guys. On behalf of all of us, thank you again for your support and continued help in spreading our news far and wide.

Next step? Festivals! Stay tuned.




loosely estimated**