Why festivals?

Why festivals?

Hello there lovely followers!

As some of you may have seen, the Trichster team has just started applying to film festivals. As first time feature filmmakers, weíre learning that this process is not nearly as easy as it seems. Firstly, there are thousands of festivals across the world. Thousands! Weíve been spending hours going through them and trying to decide if Trichster would be a good fit and if the festival is worth the application cost. Which leads us to another thing: festivals are very expensive. Each application costs roughly between $30 and $100 dollars and that adds up quickly. There are deadlines every week and it seems that no two festivals want their screener DVDs delivered in the same way so weíre having to be very careful to read the fine print for each individual festival to make sure weíre correctly delivering all the materials they need! In addition to the hard work, festivals will not accept films that are available for online streaming.

DVDs galore!

DVDs galore!


At this point I expect some of you are thinking, ďwell, Jillian, if festivals are so time consuming and expensive, why do you even need to apply? Why not just release the film online as soon as itís done?Ē Great question! I understand completely why you would ask that.

The answer is that film festivals still remain one of the best ways to build an audience for an independent film. Without film festivals, independent films like ours might remain forever in obscurity. At film festivals, our film will be shown in a theater setting as weíd always hoped it would: on a big screen with an awesome sound system. The feeling of watching a film in a room with an audience is simply magic. Itís an experience which is quite different from streaming a film on your laptop. Film festivals give new talent an opportunity to shine. Itís a place where audiences and filmmakers can meet in person and interact with each other. Itís a place to build buzz around the film, grow audiences, and, possibly, find distribution.Trichster will be able to reach audiences who otherwise wouldnít have heard of Trichster or been able to see it. Screening at film festivals ultimately helps us raise awareness about trichotillomania.

So we hope to see some of you out there during the festival circuit! Believe me, we cannot WAIT for you all to see this film. Weíve put our blood, sweat, and tears into it (literally) and we couldnít have even come close to where we are without your help. When we started making this film, it wasnít about making money, building a name for ourselves, or even trying to win awards with our film. Itís always been about getting the film in front of as many eyes as possible. Itís about raising awareness for trichotillomania. Letís open the eyes of those who arenít aware of it by showing them that it exists. Letís help people feel less alone. Thatís what is really at the heart of this film, and Iím so excited to take a step in that direction, starting with the first stop on the festival circuit.

Producer Katie checking things over

Producer Carolyn checking things over


So stay tuned! Hopefully weíll be showing in a festival near you. As soon as we know where and when our world premier and other festival screenings are, weíll be posting like crazy and trying to get everyone to come out and support us. Itís going to be an incredibly exciting year!

Thank you, again, for everything you do,

Jillian and the Trichster team